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A duel piano vs drums


  Chamber music as performed by Christof Moser for piano*drum is completely new to the genre of classical music. He offers own compositions and innovative arrangements for piano and drums - a contemporary homage to three centuries of old masters and their music.

piano*drum performs classics in modern interpretation – sophisticated, inspiring and passionate – and invites the audience to experience piano and drums in an entirely new blend. Christof Moser and his drummer convince listeners with innovative programs and brilliant adaptations. Their free-spirited approach to musical monuments opens new perspectives and allows listeners a fresh understanding of classical masterpieces.

The repertoire includes works of Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Bartok, Gershwin, Joel, Moby, Moser and many more.

"Potent-nonchalant" (Susanne Maack)
(Norman Shetler, pianist, USA)
"A duel piano vs drums!" (Jan Ewoud Vos, film producer, Netherlands)
"pd moves classical music into now. Energetic, with strong character and pepper!" (Niki Chaziraki, opera singer, Athens)

"Classics soooooooo grooving and surprising - and not any expected cliché corresponds in every form of arrangements ... I am absolutely thrilled ... ★★★★★" (Hilde Fehr, cabaretist)


Christof Moser (piano)

Born and raised in Austria.
Musical education: piano at the music school Feldkirch, later at the Conservatory Vorarlberg.
University education at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna.
Solo and band/ensemble performances (a.o. with Philharmonist Rainer Honeck, Michael Hruby, Leni Lust, Do It Yourself, Birds of Soul, kjukoon ...)
Working as a composer and musician in the field of classical as well as contemporary electronical music.
Teaching activities (piano) at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna.
Maria Petrova (drums)  
Born and raised in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).
At first piano and drum lessons in Plovdiv, later she moved to Vienna to study drums and percussion at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory, Vienna Conservatory and University of Music and Performing Arts.
Diversified musical cooperations with Rondo Vienna, Wiener Tschuschenkapelle, Drumatical Theater, Willi Resitarits, Helmut Bibl, Otto Lechner and so on …
Teaching activities in different colleges of music.

Alex Dostal (drums)

Born in Vienna (Austria).
Education at the Conversatory Vienna and University of Music Vienna.
Live- and studio-drummer with Harry Stojka, Stermann & Grissemann, Zipflo Weinrich, Alfons Haider, Eva Maria Marold.
Teaching activities at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna.